A R C H I E F   G A S T B O E K

Afzender: Philip Verbanck, Dinsdag 24 November 2015: Splendid night, thx for the great pics.


Afzender: Sarah, Vrijdag 7 Augustus 2015: Great to finally meet! Hope to do it again really soon and thanks so much for posting all the memories. Xo - Sarah


Afzender: Venus, Dinsdag 4 Augustus 2015: A wonderful day, well spent, and so very enjoyable. Thank you Bert!


Afzender: LC, Woensdag 23 Juli 2014: Great stuff Bert! thanks for documenting what was a pretty special night -for me at least! cheers! LC


Afzender: Pat, Dinsdag 22 Juli 2014: Nice as always Bert!


Afzender: Venus, Dinsdag 22 Juli 2014: Thank you Bert for a truly wonderful day! It was nice catching up with all of you. Great music makes great friends.  


Afzender: Artemis Sz, Dinsdag 22 Juli 2014: Fantastic stuff as always! (the photos of the animals are also great! ) Thank you!


Afzender: Franki, Zondag 22 Juni 2014: Beautiful photos and Info. Thanks


Afzender: sisters-pics, Dinsdag 10 Juni 2014: Super Bilder, Bert! Ich sehe, dass Du Spaß gehabt hast in Ost- und WestBerlin


Afzender: Sonja Meise, Maandag 2 Juni 2014: Hi Bert, thank you for photos, especially those of that GRETEL UND ALFONS thing, unbelievable...So cool to see you again (and many others)!!


Afzender: Sabine, Zondag 1 Juni 2014: Hi Bert, always nice to meet you at the gigs like this year in Berlin and Brussels. Mydominion is a lovely page... great photos and everything...greetings and best


Afzender: Venus, Zaterdag 31 Mei 2014: Helemaal  Bert!


Afzender: My Dominion NL, Zaterdag 31 Mei 2014: Hello Kati, next time will be Zottegem. Are going there too ? /// Thank you Paul ! // Pleased to meet you too Jan :-)


Afzender: Kati Kovacs, Donderdag 29 Mei 2014: lovely site..how I managed to miss you in Brussels? perhaps next time


Afzender: Paul Watson, Donderdag 29 Mei 2014: Great photos and information about the Sisters!


Afzender: My Dominion NL, Woensdag 28 Mei 2014: Thank you Artemis Sz for your kind words !


Afzender: Jan (Doc) Sommer, Maandag 26 Mei 2014: Hi Bert, it was nice to finally say hello in Hamburg


Afzender: Artemis Sz, Zaterdag 24 Mei 2014: You''re site is great! I''ve been watching it for a while. The stuff from Brussels are awesome!


Afzender: My Dominion NL, Zaterdag 24 Mei 2014: The gig in AB was awesome. Now waiting for Amsterdam


Afzender: Kris, Zaterdag 24 Mei 2014: Spijt dat ik er niet kon bij zijn


Afzender: ms, Donderdag 22 Mei 2014: Cool! Looking forward Sisters of Percy this Evening @ AB, bxl.


Afzender: Donna, Dinsdag 15 April 2014: Mooie foto''s en weer super gemaakt!


Afzender: PAUL, Dinsdag 15 April 2014: Goede foto''s, Bert !!!


Afzender: My Dominion NL, Zondag 9 Februari 2014: Welkom op het gastenboek van My Dominion NL // Welcome at the Guest Book of My Dominion NL !!! A Fan Web Site Dedicated to The Sisters of Mercy